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Phase II

Computer Training

1. Contact information for the presenter.
Anatoliy Tmanov - Microsoft Word
Glen Shinn - Microsoft Power Point

Gary Briers - Micrsoft Excel
2. A listing of SAUA faculty members who participated in the workshops.
Name Department Position
Mary Baghdasaryan Milk and Dairy products technology assistant
Anna Petrosyan Plant Products Processing Tech assistant
Vladik Aslanyan Physical culture assistant
Hasmik Harutyunyan Biochemistry and Physiology associate professor
Anna Aghajanyan Animal Morphology and Reproduction associate professor
Armen Margaryan Exploitation of Agricultural Machinery professor
Albert Grigoryan Mechanical Engineering Technology assistant
Ruzanna Ghazinyan Hydraulic facilities and Melioration associate professor
Herbert Hakobyan Hydraulic facilities and Melioration associate professor
Manvelyan Armine Plant breeding and protection lecturer
Gayane Gabrielyan Plant breeding and protection assistant
Laura Petrosyan Plant breeding and horticulture laboratory assistant
Mary Grigoryan Agribusiness management assistant
Vahram Martirosyan CIS economy assistant
Gevorg Keshishyan Statistics and Biometry assistant
Astgik Movsisyan Statistics and Biometry assistant

3. All available workshop materials.

Power Points
Arm - Using Power Point Exercise
Arm - Power Point Exercise 1
Arm - Power Point Exercise 2
Arm - SAUA Computing Workshop Final Exercise

Eng - Using Power Point Session 1
Eng - Using Power Point Exercise 1
Eng - Using Power Point Session 2
Eng - Using Microsoft Office 3
Eng - Using Power Point Exercise Session 2
Eng - Power Point Exercise Session 3
Eng - Using Excel Session 1
Eng - Using Excel Session 2
Eng - Using Word 1
Eng - Using Word 2
Eng - Using Word 3

Rus - Word Seminar 1
Rus - Word Seminar 2
Rus - Word Seminar 3
Rus - Word Seminar 4

Arm - Final Excel Exercise

Eng - Weight Experiment

Eng - Fuel Efficiency
Eng - Loan Payment
Eng - Grade Calculator
Eng - Grade Calculator Improved
Eng - Final Excel Exercise

Word Documents

Arm - Using Microsoft Excel
Arm - Final Word Exercise

Eng - Using Microsoft Excel
Eng - Final Word Exercise
Eng - List of Used Literature Example
Eng - Table Example
Eng - Tabulation Demonstration
Eng - Use of Styles Example
Eng - How to Create Course Syllabus
Eng - Syllabus Checklist
Eng - Course Syllabi C

Eng - Course Syllabi D
Eng - Course Syllabi E
Eng - Syllabus Template 1
Eng - Syllabus Template 2
Eng - Syllabus Template 3
Eng - Course Syllabus Example 1
Eng - Course Syllabus Example 2
Eng - Use of a Word Processor

Rus - Use of a Word Processor
Rus - Seminar Use of Word Processors in Education

Adobe Acrobat Documents
Rus - Creating a New File
Rus - Templates for Word
Rus - Open a Word File
Rus - Save and Close a File
Rus - Menus and Tools
Rus - Working with Windows
Rus - Copy and Paste
Rus - File Formats
Rus - Editing Documents
Rus - Moving on Text
Rus - Replace Text
Rus - Grammar
Rus - Saving a Document
Rus - Fonts in Documents
Rus - Format paste
Rus - Use of Styles
Rus - Indents
Rus - Bullets
Rus - Tables
Rus - Headers
Rus - Columns
Rus - Pictures in Documents
Rus - Print and Preview